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being a realization of one stop solution concept for architecture and interior design – we constantly upgrade to newer technologies, state of art machineries and experience personnel whose learning curve never. We are currently equipped with 100 workmen & project leads that have an excellent understanding and knowledge to capture client’s need resulting in excellent application and combination of exceptional furniture arrangement that supports a healthy lifestyle. We are equipped to handle projects worth 25 cores. 

Khusboo Furniture & Interior Decorater  operate in a vast area of 8000 sq ft in the commercial capital of Gujarat. We boast for our investment in form of our machinery that helps us execute our projects faster and to the perfection. We operate with state of art edge bending machine, dowel boring machine, surface planner with circular saw and drill attachment, blade grinder, stand drill machine, vertical band saw and the like. 

In all we are Khusboo Furniture & Interior Decorater are equipped to handle bigger and larger projects, effectively & efficiently