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At Khusboo Furniture & Interior Decorater  we aim to achieve target of “Zero defects” and do not believe in the general notion of achieving an “acceptable quality level” which by definition allows a certain percentage of defects. KHUSBOO has adopted total quality management, an organization wide effort to infuse quality into every activity through continuous improvement.

We encourage entire team to collaborate across functions and departments as well as with customers and suppliers to identify areas for improvement, no matter how small. For example one of our techniques would include members from the non-participating teams designated as “Fault finders.”Their role is to inspect the other sites and find just the faults. Incentives are awarded to them for the same. The corrective steps are taken to ensure a better product for the Client.

For jobs of critical nature, we even engage third party checks on our own and in our own interest.

“Quality is the result of constant endeavor to give better. It’s a continuous process.”